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Espurna Handmade Lighting



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The lamp is made with a ceramic mold and gesso bandage, then hand finished with a textile cord and porcelain rosette. The brass and ceramic lamp holder gives an elegant look.

The unique shape of this pendant lamp casts shadows in a one-of-a-kind way, adding interest and dimension to any space and sure to add intrigue to any room.

Cord length: 150cm

Bulb E14 Not included.

Light bulbs can provide different sensations. Warmer light 2700k or below. And cold light 3000k or higher. Choose the one that best suits the place where you intend to put your lamp. The bulb used in the photo is an E14 bulb for refrigerator or oven.

Please take into consideration: this is a handmade product, there will be small differences in texture, size... This is precisely what makes it so special.
If there is no stock, the delivery period is two weeks.

Care information: remove dust with a dry brush or stains with a humid cloth

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